Saturday, January 14, 2012

The New Patriots Battle Royal

The New Patriots, War Patriot, US Atom, and Patriette battle Red Kremlin and Iron Cross. 
Client lets me know that he wants his characters fighting two villains in the city. This description gives me quite a bit of freedom. I've drawn the heroes before so I know their powersets, he gives me screenshots and descriptions of the new villains. Red Kremlin is a Corrupter and Iron Cross is a Brute. So now I have to figure out how to arrange five characters in a dynamic fight scene.

Patriette is a Tanker so she would most likely be fighting Iron Cross, and War Patriot is a blaster, so he would be shooting Red Kremlin and US Atom would be providing protection and back up.  I figure out a way to highlight all the characters without making it look like they are just posing. As you can see US Atom did start out just standing, but I thought having him lunging would be more exciting.  I also entertained the idea of War Patriot shooting with his left hand, but I felt his pose was a nice mirror to Patriette's punch.

I had some space on the right of the composition, and I didn't want to crop Patriette's foot, so I ask the client if he had any pics of friends that he wouldn't mind showing up in the picture. Of course I stick myself in there as well.
Everything is done in PhotoShop. Once I get approval for the final drawing, I can do the "inks" in Illustrator
Inks all done and back to PhotoShop for colors.
I lay out the flats and then start adding shadows and highlights. I put in the force field and flames early  because they will affect the lighting of the piece.
I thought that US Atom's green forcefield would get lost in the green flames so I tried making it blue, but then I just adjusted the flames so the force field would be true to the in-game color.
Had to make one last adjustment, it seems that Red Kremlin has yellow skin! But that was an easy fix.
The Second Skin Billboard was my entry to the City of Heroes Billboard contest.

I liked how his face came out.

Red Kremlin gets hit so hard, his goggles shatter! 

Can't go wrong with Kirby Dots!!!

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  1. Nice work man! I always love the ton of detail you put into your pieces.